Given below are some of the common questions asked by parents and students....

FAQs  - for Parents

What can I do to help my son or daughter when it comes to applying to College? 

Emphasize the importance of starting the application process in a timely manner in order to meet all of the institution’s deadlines. In addition, ensure that the student understands the necessity of submitting an accurate, complete application along with all of the supporting material.

Is it important that my daughter or son decide on a major by their first semester of college? 

Maybe. Students who are planning to use financial aid to pay for school, or if they have a scholarship that requires them to be degree seeking, students must declare a major in order to receive the funds. Some schools offer General Studies as major, allowing students to take core classes in their first year. This buys them some time to make a decision about their major. Using the first year to explore options is a good idea but students should visit with representatives from the school they plan to attend to determine school requirements.

What if my son or daughter is having difficulty in a class? 

The student should meet with the class instructor. The instructor can assist the student with pinpointing test material, or possibly giving them extra credit. The instructor can refer the student to the academic center if a tutor is needed. If those efforts are unsuccessful, advisors can assist the student through a variety of methods, including decreasing their class load. The student should also check with the Financial Aid Office, or others, to see if decreasing his or her class load will affect financial aid, scholarships or campus employment.


FAQs  - for Students

Why Choose Fajar International college?

We have a deep commitment to our students and will make every effort to maintain a high teaching standard and an interactive staff or student relation at our college. Our full-time and part-time lecturers have both academic qualifications (PhDs, Masters and Degree holders) as well as the necessary professional experiences to impart the knowledge, skills and abilities to our students.

Do you provide any airport pick-up for international students?

Yes. Once a student has confirmed his/her flight details, he/she is required to inform the International Student Services Department immediately. The student is required to do this at least 7 days before arrival in Miri, Sarawak, Malaysia.

Do you help international students in banking matters such as foreign exchange and opening a bank account?

Yes, the FIC International Student Services Department will be able to assist you in this.

What are the majors available at FIC College?

For more information on individual courses, refer to section on Courses of this web portal or click below for details:-

Certificates Courses

~ NEBOSH General Certificate in Occupational Safety & Health

Diploma Courses
~ Diploma in Business Studies
~ Diploma in Occupational Safety & Health
~ Diploma in Human Resource Management
~ Diploma in Accountancy

Are loans or scholarships available? 

Yes. Students can seek advice and assistance on applying loan.
We can also assist students in applying for Scholarships, Loan & EPF Withdrawal.

Can I apply for an internship in my area of study?
Internship opportunities are available for students in many fields of study.

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